Our Mission

You’re extraordinary. Your skincare should be, too.

At Pierre Performance, we believe in doing the most, and we set the same standard for our skincare products. Sure, effective ingredients are a given—we proudly stand behind our sophisticated product lineup—but so is inspiring confidence and achievement in the men that trust us with their skincare needs. We deliver on results-driven formulas that couple effective naturals like peppermint oil and seaweed extract with modern skin-clearing ingredients like salicylic acid. The result? Accessible, sophisticated skincare that encourages you to own your individuality along the way.

Though we offer targeted products, our line is designed with every skin type in mind. Yes, even problem skin. That inclusive approach extends beyond skin type, too. Pierre Performance welcomes men of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and stages of life.

Beyond skincare, we encourage the members of our community to embrace their true self.

We do things our own way, and we raise a few eyebrows in the process. Stop settling for mediocrity, and expect more from your skincare.

Our Values

In other words, our non-negotiables

Sophisticated Products

Results-driven formulas that couple effective naturals with modern skin-clearing ingredients.


Skincare you can grow with. Our products are formulated with every man in mind, regardless of skin type, age, background, or stage of life.


We do things our own way, and we raise a few eyebrows in the process.


Yes, our products perform, but we also seek to inspire achievement and confidence in the members of our community.