A skincare line designed with men in mind 

I understood the power of confidence from a young age. Confident men are memorable, and they have the ability to make a lasting impact on the world long after they’re gone. My father came from humble beginnings, and as a child I watched him carve a path for himself through hard work and years of schooling, ultimately becoming a renowned ER surgeon. Through it all, his passion, drive, and confidence never wavered.

He taught me that success stems beyond intelligence or good ideas, it’s about confidence and believing in yourself, even when no one else does. He showed me the power of daring to care. That is, the effect that caring about how you look and feel can have on your confidence and ultimately your success.

Once I grew up and started a career of my own, I experienced problematic skin--embarrassing acne, hyperpigmentation, and excess oil. The skincare products I turned to were often formulated for teenagers and utilized harsh ingredients, or they were off-shoots of larger, women-focused brands that didn’t target men’s specific needs. Years later, leveraging my professional experience and the expertise of dermatologists, I set out to create the solution.

Enter Pierre Performance, a skincare line designed with men in mind--a line that’s not only formulated with effective ingredients, but also encourages men to perform at their peak and embrace their individuality. You set high standards for yourself, so why shouldn’t you set those same standards for your skincare?

Yours Truly,