Winter Skincare Tips

Skincare for Men

Just because it's winter, doesn't mean your skincare routine can hibernate. And yes, gentlemen, taking care of your skin in winter is just as important as during the hot summer months. During the winter, your environment can make your skin more fragile: snow, wind, cold, humidity, temperature differences, and even the materials of your winter clothes!

Even more than in warm weather, skin, hair, and beard still require the right care in winter. To do so, take care of your skin properly with skin care products adapted to your needs as well as to seasonal changes. 

1. Gently cleanse the skin

During the winter, it becomes more essential to not strip your face of critical moisture. Use skincare products that gently cleanse the skin without dehydrating it.

To clean your skin properly, we strongly recommend that you use non-aggressive formulas that are rich in moisturizing agents. You should also seek out products rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. The main idea for winter skin care is to purify and refresh the skin while also protecting it from the elements. Cleansing gel, purifying lotion, or foam, choose the right products for your skin.

2. Moisturize and nourish your skin

After cleansing, it's time for treatments! For effective winter skin care, we recommend multiple moisturizing products. Choose those that are both rich in emollients and protective agents. You need your skin to be deeply nourished, protected, soothed, and strengthened. This is the season to not only invest in the right moisturizer, but also serums and eye creams. 

Whatever the season, always keep in mind that hydration is the keyword for healthy skin. Unstable temperatures and less exposure to the sun during the winter season can lead to various skin problems. 

3. Protect your hands

Gentlemen, taking care of your face to cope with the cold is good, but you shouldn't neglect your hands either! Indeed, they are subject to as many external aggressions as they face. Especially if you don't like to wear gloves in cold weather. So don't be surprised to have very dry hands if you don't take good care of them. And if you're also used to being outdoors (gardening, sports, DIY...), you're at risk of getting cracks. 

Moisturizer your hands several times a day! 

4. Sort out your products

Like any other season, some skincare products are suitable for winter and others are not. In this case, you need to sort through your bathroom. You should put aside the light creams and opt for those that are thicker. Check the labels and see which ones have more oil and less water base.

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